Ametrine - fulfillment

Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and citrine. This is also evident in its color appearance. Its effect is a mixture of the transforming energy of the amethyst and the dynamic and hopeful energy of the citrine. Ametrine helps, thanks to the amethyst energy, to release entrenched negative behaviors which are based on blocked feelings, so that a transformation into positive constructive behavior is possible. Its purifying citrine energy can quickly bring one to higher states of consciousness during meditation or attunement. With his help one can reach the state of out of body experiences more easily. Ametrine is also able to drive negative energies out of the aura and to fill possible"gaps"with pure and stabilizing light energy. The ametrine has a particularly relaxing effect on the soul and on the emotional life and brings them back into a harmonious balance. Wishes and needs are better coordinated and contradictions are filed away. The ametrine is used in gemstone medicine to support a cheerful, serene mood and a fulfilled existence. Creativity and enthusiasm for the demands of everyday life are strengthened. Ametrine also promotes mental well-being and strengthens intuition.