Amethyst transformation

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality & contentment. It is able to transform low energies into higher vibrations and stands for the principle of total transformation. This both on the etheric and on the spiritual level. Amethyst clears the aura and transforms blocked energies in the body. Amethyst can also protect against psychological attacks by converting the attack energy into positive and loving energy and radiating it into the universe. Amethyst is very popular for cleaning and charging healing stones. Amethyst has a gently calming energy and is particularly effective on the spiritual level. It supports the ability to concentrate, helps to deep meditation, ensures a restful sleep. In the case of grief, loss of pain, grief, mood swings or addictive behavior, it has a supportive effect on the mind through its cleansing abilities by being able to clear and dissolve superfluous thoughts, feelings and patterns, which subsequently leads to a deep inner peace. It promotes"neutrality"in relation to your own perceptions, which makes you more emotionally balanced and allows you to rest in your center. It is also able to prevent the negative energies of others from being taken over, which makes it an important protective stone for therapists and protects against false friends.