Amazonite - inner peace

Amazonite helps you to solve internal conflicts. It has a mentally and physically calming, harmonizing and balancing effect. It has a particularly supportive effect in case of fears of events. For example, during pregnancy and before giving birth, or before exams. But it also alleviates unconscious fears which can be expressed in greed, jealousy, hoarding, nervousness, etc. It reduces inner restlessness and insecurity. Amazonite invites you to take your life into your own hands and no longer see yourself as a victim of certain circumstances. Amazonite is therefore a powerful healing stone for many mental illnesses, such as stress-related complaints or depression. Its harmonizing, life-affirming energy should also be mentioned in particular! It can dissolve sadness and anxiety and promotes basic trust. On a physical level, amazonite regulates the metabolism, has a positive effect on the nerves (relaxing, strengthening) and the brain. In addition, through its effect on the glands, it harmonizes the vegetative nervous system, the metabolism and the internal organs, the entire flow of energy in the body! Due to its effect on the nerves, amazonite is able to protect against damage caused by electromagnetic radiation or to heal it.