Collection: Tactical orgonite

Orgone objects especially for EMF and ELF protection, to give away in nature, to protect the house, yard and garden

These orgone objects are deliberately made to be simple and as inexpensive as possible. But also highly effective! I pour them in layers using different metals and quartz. Please note that the towerbusters in particular do not have the same shiny surfaces as my other Healing Orgone objects because I use other molds for these.

You can use tactical orgonite as follows:

  • For use in addition to devices, WiFi, smart meters, etc.
  • To create an orgone energy field in the room. Orgon Towerbuster / Shielde are distributed in the 4 corners around a centrally positioned tactical pyramid in the room. The effect of the pyramid is strengthened and a stable orgone energy field is generated. It is important to position the pyramid so that one side is facing north and you do not sit or even sleep over the top of the pyramid for a long time.
  • To be placed next to or on smog sources such as WiFi routers, smart meters, etc.
  • To create an orgone energy field around a plot of land. Here 6 towerbusters are distributed in a hexagon around the property or the garden. This creates a stable, very intensified orgone energy field.
  • To "give" gifts to nature / surroundings in the area of cell phone towers etc.
  • For use in the vegetable garden. Spread over the whole area according to the honeycomb principle (hexagon). Create hexagons 1-3m in size.