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Healing stone necklaces

21 products

    Handmade healing stone chains with selected healing stones. All stone strands are hand picked. Much of it is also unique. The chains are lovingly made with special attention to the fact that stones store information in the form of thoughts, vibrations, etc.

    We also produce individual healing stone chains on request.

    21 products
    Larimar donut unique on silver 925 clip and omega ring 2mm
    SFr. 235.00
    Healing stone necklace URVERTRAUEN with spring S925
    SFr. 224.00
    Healing stone chain INSPIRATION & CREATIVITY
    SFr. 324.00
    "Himmelsperlen"healing stone necklace
    SFr. 69.00
    Healing stone chain RELAXATION
    SFr. 75.00
    Healing stone chain PEACE OF MIND
    SFr. 55.00
    Healing stone chain courage & truth
    SFr. 55.00
    Healing stone necklace SPIRITUAL STRENGTH with spring S925
    SFr. 85.00
    Healing stone chain SECURITY
    SFr. 55.00
    Healing stone chain CALM
    SFr. 147.00
    Healing stone chain MENTAL STRENGTH
    SFr. 79.00
    Healing stone necklace for children MENTAL STRENGTH
    SFr. 55.00
    Healing stone necklace JOY OF LIFE with flower of life S925 rosé
    SFr. 85.00
    Healing stone necklace HEAVEN & EARTH turquoise
    SFr. 165.00
    HARMONY healing stone chain with flower of life
    SFr. 83.00
    LIGHTWEIGHT healing stone chain
    SFr. 93.00
    HARMONY healing stone necklace with flower of life S925
    SFr. 86.00
    Orgone Protection Amulet COURAGE & TRUTH
    SFr. 192.00
    Orgone Protection Amulet SPIRITUAL GROWTH
    SFr. 112.00
    TOURMALINE OR SCHUNGIT CHAIN optional for all trailers
    from SFr. 40.00
    Orgone Protection amulet CALM with black tourmaline chain
    SFr. 112.00
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