Why it makes sense to use orgonite in nature in spite of synthetic resin

The fact that synthetic resin is used for the production of orgonite discourages many people from using orgonite for themselves and is also used by the other side to denounce orgonite.n.

I have also given myself a lot of thought on the subject, especially since I also think critically in this regard. Synthetic resins such as epoxy and polyester resins are toxic in the uncatalyzed state. Once catalysed, i.e. cured, these synthetic resins lose all toxicity. The finished orgonites are in the hardened state and as long as you do not eat them, so no health risk and non-toxic for the environment. However, they become almost indestructible plastic. Which of course brought me to the topic of microplastics. Synthetic resins have a very long service life. If orgonites are kept indoors, they can last for hundreds of years without deteriorating too much. Outside, the orgonites can turn yellowish or brownish over time and dissolve over time. However, it is also assumed to be more than 100 years. In contact with water, especially sea water, the resin dissolves more quickly, but also very slowly, approximately over a period of 50-60 years. Due to this extreme longevity, these synthetic resins are also used in shipbuilding where they only have to be renewed after many years. Nevertheless, I assume that residues in the form of microplastics will remain in nature.n.

So why should someone who is as close to nature as I come up with the idea of pouring crystals and metals into plastic and then distributing them into the environment. The spiders are the RomansRömer😉

Despite my growing belief that orgonite seems to be more beneficial than harmful to the environment, this question kept me very preoccupied and I tried to answer this question.

I would like to give a small example:

Researchers have found a plastic-eating enzyme. Look here.


and here


A bacterium that can digest plastic. And it was discovered in a recycling facility where there is bound to be enough to eat;;)

Just as humans can produce a plastic from naturally occurring components such as crude oil and create an imbalance by handling it irresponsibly, so they could also create the opposite or at least learn from the mistakes made in the past and correct them. Because there is a solution for every problem. But, as is well known, this has been suppressed steadily for many, many years. Real solutions have been around for a long time, and many of today's problems could have been prevented. But something always goes wrong with environmental protection, with natural medicine and many other things .....

I now know that the weather is artificially influenced. I know that artificial chemtrails are being laid and I know that environmental pollution will never end as long as power, greed, money and manipulation rule this world. Even if the mainstream media fooled us, we would have recognized the problems and work on solutions .... For a long time I did not want to admit it, but since my childhood and of course much longer, the same things have been repeated over and over again Things. Or has man really ever learned from history? No. Why this is so Everyone should do their own research. The information is there and if you are looking for the truth, you will find it step by step. The fact is that while we are discussing Co2 excretion from cows, food waste, microplastics and the corona pandemic, hardly anyone takes any notice of the greatest environmental pollution that has ever occurred. Contamination by harmful electromagnetic waves, such as cell phone waves, radar, etc. Or the environmental associations are going on the baricade No, why not And that although electrosmog has been proven to be harmful to the health of people and animals and is also extremely harmful to nature! No, on the contrary, they continue to work diligently and create a new problem, a new imbalance, an even worse environmental impact .... And we are being sold electric cars, regardless of the fact that, for example, lithium and copper mining destroy the environment even more elsewhere causes even greater suffering than the previous "solutions". And of course the e-cars of the future will be connected to the nationwide 5G network. Then the car drives you and you no longer drive the car. Whatever the case, very few people ask whether the ever increasing electrification could not also be partly responsible for global warming. After all, the flow of electricity creates constant heat. Just like all electrical devices generate waste heat in operation.eugen.

The price for such and other supposed improvements or alleviations will be higher than any we have paid before. And it is precisely in this area, namely against the energetic environmental pollution of our earth, that orgonite can bring about a comprehensive environmental improvement in my experience! Our earth is sick and will not get healthier just because a few avoid plastic or send their mail carbon-neutrally while at the same time working on the destruction of the world. As long as we do not eliminate the real evil, namely to stop the influences of the dark beings, nothing will change at all. Rudolf Steiner predicted the following for the future many years ago:

„The spirits of darkness are among us, they are there. We need to keep watch so that we can see where they are encountering us, so that we can get an idea of where they are. Because the most dangerous thing in the near future will be to unconsciously surrender to the influences that are there. Because whether the person knows them or not does not make any difference to their reality. Rudolf Steinerer

„There are beings in the spiritual world for whom fear and fear that emanate from people are like welcome nourishment. If people are not afraid and not afraid, then these beings starve. If people exude fear and anxiety and headlessness, then these beings find welcome nourishment and they become more powerful and powerful. These are hostile beings to humans..
Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on fear, fear and superstition, on hopelessness, on doubt, these are forces hostile to man in the spiritual world, which lead to cruel attacks on him if they are nourished by him. Therefore it is above all necessary that the person who enters the spiritual world first makes himself strong against fear, hopelessness, addiction to doubt and fear. But these are precisely the feelings that are really modern cultural feelings, and materialism is suitable because it cuts people off from the spiritual world and, through hopelessness and fear of the unknown, invokes these hostile powers against them. Rudolf Steinerer

„I have told you that the spirits of darkness will inspire their boarders, the people in whom they will live, to even find an inoculant to give souls the inclination to spirituality from an early age through the detour through the living bodies to drive out. Just as the body is vaccinated against this and that today, so in the future the children will be vaccinated with a substance that can certainly be manufactured, so that through this vaccination people will be immune from not developing the follies of the spiritual life out of themselves Of course, follies are spoken in a materialistic sense.en.“
“ … But all of this tends to ultimately find the means by which one can inoculate the bodies so that they do not give rise to inclinations towards spiritual ideas, but only believe in sensible matter throughout their life.
Just as one vaccinates against consumption today from the impulses that medicine has gained from vertigo, pardon me, from one's own consumption of tuberculosis, so one will vaccinate against the disposition to spirituality. This is only intended to point to a particularly outstanding example among many others, which will occur in this area in the course of the near and distant future, so that what wants to flow down to earth from the spiritual worlds through the victory of the Michaelian light spirits may come into confusion . Rudolf Steiner Steiner

So this world needs a lot more. And maybe special measures are needed for special circumstances. And sometimes a poison, given in the right dose, can also become an antidote..

And so we come back to the topic of orgonite. To put it simply and in extreme terms, there are life-promoting higher vibrations and energy fields in the universe, e.g. life energy, love etc. and harmful, disharmonious, blocked energy fields, disharmonic frequencies, negative thoughts, etc. Orgonite obviously seems to be able to block, disharmonious electromagnetic fields harmonize. Again this world seems to need special measures! We are in the EXCEPTIONAL STATE for a long time! EMERGENCY ON PLANET EARTH!RTH!

My experience and research have made me convinced that the production and distribution of orgonites primarily has positive effects and that the whole thing should be viewed in a healthy relationship. Or do you live 100 organic, ecological times honestly. And even if you, like me, would like to do this and have implemented it to a large extent, you still live in this environment, which unfortunately is the way it is. Even in an artificial biosphere, you would be exposed to these environmental conditions in some way. Orgonite gives us the opportunity to energetically cleanse the earth. You can see that impressively with the subject of chemtrails, the effects on the weather, in the BIO garden or in the bio field aura of people.hen.

Orgonite & Gardening / Farming

Fighting the weather war and beyond - the chembow

Silent War- Emergency on Planet Earth book available in the shopp)

In addition, through the use of orgonite, your own vibration and the vibration in the environment can be massively increased, which will be the greatest protection against radiation from EMFs and ELFs and thus also 5G. Without suitable countermeasures, the satellite network will cut us off energetically from everything that comes from above, i.e. from the cosmic harmonic life energy. Again EMERGENCY ON PLANET EARTH and one of my hopes and solutions are: Accelerated spiritual development of consciousness, i.e. increasing the vibration frequency and the creation of energetic portals so that the luminous energy can penetrate to us at least selectively. And for this, orgonite, among other things, will do us a very great service! The energetic war has long since started ... and I have chosen the most powerful weapon. LOVE and I love what I do! Making orgonites with hand, heart and mind.n.


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