Orgonite and 5G

by Fabienne Lüchinger

We will be overwhelmed with new, smaller "mini cell towers" across the board and thousands are already circling! of 5G satellites around the planet close to the earth, so that even the last corner of the earth is "supplied". According to what I was able to find out, these electromagnetic waves will be even more disruptive for our body and its self-healing powers. In addition, an energetic network is created around the earth, which prevents the cosmic life energy from penetrating to us.

That's probably why I keep getting inquiries about how to protect yourself against 5G with orgonite. First of all, there is no scientific evidence that orgonite works against 5G. But also no that it doesn't work !!!

What I can say from personal experience, however, is that orgonite works against the energetic negative influences that affect us via these frequencies and increasingly also affect our feelings, our behavior and our thinking. There are also numerous experience reports that orgonite massively reduces the effects of the harmful electromagnetic fields created by the mini-cell towers. Birds return to these places, healthy rain clouds are forming again, plants are more resistant, etc. To what extent orgonite is suitable as an effective and safe protection for our physical body, however, has not been researched. So far, many subjective effects and experiences that people perceive who use orgonite have been documented. Electrosensitive people repeatedly report that they have fewer or no symptoms in the presence of orgonite. It is no secret, however, that when the ethereal body is healthy, the physical body also remains healthy. If we can strengthen our own bioenergetic field using orgonite, we will also be more resistant to the effects of disharmonious rays. Based on my experience, orgonite is a very suitable aid to increase your own vibration frequency and that in the environment. And if we vibrate at a higher frequency, our own bio-field will radiate more strongly than everything else that surrounds us! And the human biofield can have a significant reach! Animals and plants also benefit from its energy.

Orgonite can help us not to lose the connection to the "Great Spirit" or whatever you want to call it. It can ensure that enough life and light energy penetrates the earth at least selectively and possibly save us from losing the energetic war on earth.


Give away orgonite!

Additional information:

STOP 5G on Earth and in SPACE !!!

Appeal in German pretty older but still topic and very informative ....


Trapped in an all-encompassing microwave network

It's convenient to install one“Space fence” around the entire earth, which will be activated and connected to the 5G network.

It's about connecting everything together, the satellites and the 5G network. The whole machine society goes online. That almost sounds likematrix orTerminator.

People use their credit cards and their smartphones. In maybe 5 to 10 years all cash will be digitized. Each individual's movements and thoughts are monitored and controlled .

And then it will slowly dawn on people that they are all rolled into one High tech prison landed.

The new 5G standard will enable a connection of at least 100 megabits per second. It's incredibly fast. It would mean that everything connected in real time would.

5G will allow instant surveillance of the whole area.“Spatial reconnaissance” is the technocratic mentality behind 5G and connecting the world: the internet of all things.”.

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